Dated 07.16.2016, Certificate Ceremony famous Brand – Brand Vietnam Competition 2016 by the Intellectual Property of Vietnam (VIPA) was held in Hanoi. Son Maxwell was honored in the “Top 100 Brand well-known Vietnam 2016”.


The award “well-known brand – brand competition Vietnam” is an annual program of the Vietnam intellectual property held for the purpose of recognizing and honoring the practical actions of the branded business achieving famous brand – brand competition Vietnam. Criteria to vote for enterprises located in well-known Top Brand Vietnam include: Scale Enterprises; sales; level of brand awareness on a national scale; wide reputation of the goods or services bearing the mark; actively participate in community programs …

This program is a large-scale poll, thereby helping consumers choose the brands reputation and good quality products. Besides, the program has created new momentum for the development of the business as well as serving propaganda widely promote the campaign “The priority for Vietnam Vietnam” by the Politburo to big crowd strata.



To achieve certification, “well-known brand in Vietnam”, Son Daisy has continued efforts in research, improving product technology, existing services and develop new products to meet the highest demand customer demand. Entered the “Top 100 well-known brand Vietnam 2016” is a proof confirming the quality of products and services of the Son Daisy increasingly diverse in types with superior utility, always gives customers the pleased to use. Simultaneously, Son Daisy continues to affirm its position as the leading paint company in the country and the world, always providing the products, the best service to customers, towards international standards on the other hand also accelerate Son Daisy social activities to respond to the trust of customers and consumers.