Maxwell Paint – Top 50 Product Award environmentally friendly 2016

Dated 06.25.2016 morning, the Central Economic Environment Association Vietnam collaboration with Environmental Communication MIC development program formally organized media Construction and Development of National Economy in 2016 in Green Delivery city intellectuals, 80 Tran Thai Tong Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Attending the ceremony were TSKH.Phan Xuan Dung – Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Commission of Science Technology and Environment and the National Assembly, Dr. Vo Tuan Nhan – Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Vuong Duy Bien – Deputy Minister of Culture – Sports and Tourism, Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai – Deputy Chairman of Union of Science – KT Vietnam, PGS together leaders of the ministries, other departments and enterprises and units outstanding in the development of sustainable green economy.


The businesses to be honored title of “Brand as the national green environment” and “green-friendly plant” must meet the criteria as: always active in economic development linked to environmental protection, focused on technology for waste treatment;environmentally friendly; handling environmental contaminants. The plant is to have in the process of collecting, sorting, transporting and processing of solid waste and waste water, waste gas in accordance with the law, to take measures to minimize the harmful agents in the environment occurred during the manufacturing process, product environmental friendliness … this is particularly significant in the current period when the violation of environmental protection regulations adversely affect the environment and population detection and investigation.

With its responsibilities, our company always considers Maxwell paint protecting the environment is the first criteria, the dominant use of European green technologies and investment company always innovation, improving production line and waste water treatment system to minimize the adverse impact on the least environmentally. The company also launched the movement always planting trees and garbage collection at the plant and in industrial areas. Recognising the outstanding achievements that, on 25/06/2016 at the City Palace in Hanoi intellectuals Our company was honored to be recognized as the Top 50 “Brands For National Green Environment” and “The Friendly Green machine “.

The prize “Brand for national green environment” and “green-friendly plant” once again confirmed the position and reputation of our environmental protection field. This is a milestone and will be the basis for Daisy paint continue to create the foundation for sustainable development to contribute to the cause of environmental protection in the process of industrialization – modernization of the country.