2016 was the year that the economy is gradually going up after the global financial crisis, Vietnam enterprises have contributed significantly to the achievements of great changes and rapid home economy . Along with the economic development and integration of the country, the problem of trade fraud, unfair competition, advertising, misleading information, poor quality goods, pirated goods and counterfeit goods unsafe etc … although there is limited but there are still many, are expressed in the form of more sophisticated, harder to recognize.

In this context, in order to protect consumers, in addition to propaganda guidance consumers need more tools and operating an effective, functioning as a bridge between consumers and businesses, help for people consumers clearly locate where the address is trusted to be able to buy goods and services and used safely for a reasonable price, enjoy after-sales services in a caring, dedicated statutory pancreas. Thereby did the research and construction of a survey program & certification: Every Vietnamese Good – Perfect Service – Products Do Consumers Trust Polls 2016. This can be seen as a sign to consumers You can identify reference and selection before you buy and use products and services on the market.

Program Survey & poll “Every Vietnamese Good – Perfect Service – Products Trust 2016” in order to select the products and services of good quality, reputation with enterprise consumers of products nuoc.Cac products manufactured on both services to meet the basic criteria: good quality, high reputation to consumers, does not infringe on the intellectual property, unknown origins, friendly environment, highly competitive … will be certified as Vietnam Good restaurant – excellent service – reliable products. Which helps consumers identify products or services of good quality fit and health needs of the Vietnamese.

The program also contributes to improve the enterprise’s reputation with consumers across the country and awareness as well as the responsibility of the consumer business with themselves through the campaign “The Vietnam offers Vietnam tiếndũng goods” contributed only maintain economic and social stability. At the same time this is also an opportunity for businesses to be able to promote the image of products and services to consumers across the country to promote the production and business of enterprises.

The program is organized, making a positive impact on society, through programs now have the opportunity to prove the product – its services are good, reputable and forward consumers another channel , a mark to identify and distinguish the product, good service and reputation, as well as a reliable address to purchase. The program began to be implemented from 2014 has received positive response from businesses and consumers across the country. Has more than 200 products and services typical of businesses across the country are certified “Every good Vietnamese, perfect service, reliable products.”


In the process of formation and development of the company we always attach importance to improving the production line technology and after-sales services in order to bring efficiency and profitability for customers with the highest faith perspective customers of our survival. These efforts and our efforts have been consumers, partners, businesses and protection committees consumers appreciate and honor awardees shaving Vietnamese restaurant, impeccable service, product the trust in 2016.